WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina

May 28, 1941

Dear Mother,

Hello, and how's everything? I had a three days relapse due to being out on a CP.X. (comm and problem exercise). We got back Tuesday; had a few hours to get ready for the big inspection which took quite some time. Tuesday night I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to write; so here it in Wednesday about 4 30 P.M, I'm going to write this letter, eat supper and then take a quick plunge onto my cot again. No more blankets here now, as the barracks are like an oven, and everyone lies around in the nude.

I was attached to rations on this maneuvre, leaving to go out each night to the quartermaster and draw food In the day time, I didn't do much of anything. We lost our last week-end due to this, but I understand we get off Memorial Day, so I figure that the army decided that as long as we are getting a day off we could work on a Sunday. I tried to get a pass for Thursday until Monday morning figuring to come home, but it was turned down by the company Commander. It seems that soldiers can now travel on any railroad for a cent and quarter a mile. There's a notice just posted on the bulletin board that we can get a round trip by aeroplane to New York for $55, and I was thinking of it just now,

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