but the first sergeant just informed me that we get up at four o'clock tomorrow morning to a C.T.P. (combat team problem) That means I don't get of Memorial Day, and will be out again anywhere from two day to a week. It's so [impractable] to try [strikeout] and write letters while out on these short trips, as I haven't got room in my pack for my writing kit, and when I take paper loose it gets ruined. You'll just have to take these intermissions when they come, so I can't help myself.

Getting back to our last trip out; on the last night we went to [inserted: get] rations, and were captured by three enemy tanks that broke through our lines. I enjoyed myself immensely, as I was searched and then questioned, but I couldn't even remember my own name. It was no less than a colonel that questioned me, and I didn't bite at anything. After the maneuvres were over, the colonel complimented me to our company commander for my utter silence and not revealing any information It seems that a lot of men captured, when questioned by an officer, without thinking, answer all questions

There goes the chow whistle, and I'll have to end, as I've got to roll my pack, and then get some sleep. I'm eating well now, so I get my hands on all rations and thus eat plenty of fruit, cheese, grapefruits, crackers and jam.

Love to all,