May 28, 1941 Dear Mother, Dad, & Ruthie

   Couldn't resist taking time off to drop you another line of thanks, as I just received your box of candy and boy oh boy, did it hit the spot. That's one box that isn't going around the barracks, being eaten very heartily and slowly by yours truly and Paul Tierney, who, I guess, is the guy who is going to be my best friend My gang now is Tierney, Fitzgerald, Murphy, and Stan Patterson, and I guess it will stay that way, unless we are transferred. Patterson is in my barracks in the bed opposite me, Tierney is in the third barracks, and "Murph" and "Fitzie" are in Headquarters company, where "Murph" is now driving a truck and Fitzie is an orderly for the captain, which means, he keeps the day room and the captain's quarters clean. More school for me! The first sergeant just informed me that I was one of the men picked to go to the camoflage<sic> school, which will probably be a <half> half-ass affair like the other school.
   I think we get payed<sic> next Tuesday, but as I understand it, we will probably be paid in the field, as we are pretty definitely moving out for at least a week June first.
   You can see many obvious signs that pay day is close around camp, as Bull-Durham