roll your own cigarettes is all the rage right now, and when you pull out a store package of cigarettes in a crowd, there's generally nothing left when you get it back. I can't get myself used to chiseling cigarettes, so I now have cut myself to no more than one package a day, most of which are chiseled. I used to buy and see two disappear a day, but its too expensive, and now I say no to the [illegible] chiselers. I doubt very much whether there is fifty dollars hard money among the enlisted men in our company at present writing. The first sergeant gave out canteen checks tonight, and nearly the whole company was in line. There are a few smart fellows like myself in camp that keep away from them, as they act like a drug, most of the fellows being in hock for nearly all their next month's pay due to this. They draw one, two or three dollars and blow it all on beer in one night at the canteens. Then the next day, they are getting over a drunk and borrowing, soap, cigarettes, etc.

   About June tenth, I'll be out again for another week, as we are going to practise<sic> firing at moving targets. Then, we are going to head for one of the ocean beaches in South Carolina, and practise<sic> making landings and building roads and bridge heads from the ocean. In other words, it looks like me are on the verge, as far as the army is concerned.