May 30, 1941 I Dear "Cous"

   That man is writing again on this sultry May morning a brief letter, as he is bound for Smithfield in a very short while to while away Memorial Day amidst the cooling caresses of a few southern sirens. He is going with the same chaps and in the same car as took part in that last nightmarish experience he wrote about. However, by now he has learned the ropes and knows how to handle himself He said no when first asked but couldn't resist persuasion, as he has been out on maneuvres<sic> almost continuously since his last letter, and his tongue is hanging out to lap up a little luxury and change of scenery.
   It seems that Grandpa sent me a check for five dollars which I have tried in vain to cash. It seems that the only way such checks will be honored is if your company commander accompanies you and identifies you both, or if you buy five dollars worth of merchandise. As the C.O. is never around, and as I refuse to cater to any of the "god dam" merchants, it seems I have a worthless piece of paper on my hands. So, I've decided to kill two birds with one stone; I'm sending the check to you and thus nocking $5 off my bill to you, thus leaving $5 that I owe you which no doubt I will increase by the end of next month -- I hope not. I have a diplomatic mission for you, which consists