of conversing to any person liable to send me a check that it is a physical impossibility to get anything but certified checks cashed down here. I also would like you to keep the fact quiet that I sent you Grandpa's check, as it's a hell of a thing for me to do with a gift. However, I'm sure you can understand my predicament So now your job is to keep the five and also spread the word around that checks are out, cash or a money order being the only thing that I can use. I'm getting to be an awful beggar, aren't I? Losing all that pride that it took me twenty-six years to build up?

   It's a funny thing, but sitting here writing this letter, I've just analized myself and noticed how my psychology has changed. I'll take anything I can get now, and it hurts me when I <wh> wear my own clothes or do anything that the United States government should do for me. I'm just beginning to realise that I am only making a very small amount of money, and that I have to come down from my former standard of living. Do you know that if I pampered myself down here the way I did at home, I could spend between $15 and $25 a week easily. I'm starting to cut out the steaks in town and the every night trips of necessity. It's forty cents a round trip by bus to Fayetteville, but most of the time it costs me fifty, as there are always soldiers traveling back and forth in their cars and charging soldiers a quarter a trip. Then women