III are scarcer than a hen's tooth in Fayeteville, and most of the time I go to some other town. Then, there's a strong tendency to blow your money at one time, because you get so disgusted doling it out to yourself and trying to make it last. For instance, there been a carnival on the outskirts of Fayetteville this last week, and so I had one afternoon off for working all one night on rations, I decided to take in the carnival. As we were on maneuvres<sic> last weekend, I didn't get to spend your ten bucks, so I paid off Stanley Patterson the four bucks I owed him, spent a couple of bucks on things I needed and had about four dollars when I went to the carnival I hung around all day, striking up an acquaintance with some of the carnival people and chewing the rag with them. As a result, while some were eating I took over their concessions and helped out. I met one dame I liked a lot and that was the main reason I hung around. I discovered that she was a performer in the Garden of Eden which I proceeded to take in on the last show of the night at 11:30. You, of course, understand why I waited for the last show. I got in for nothing, walked into a tent which had a curtained stage on one end about six foot high and six foot wide. About a foot from the stage was a rope encircling it, and the audience stood against the rope and watched. The show consisted of girls coming out in various stages of disrobement.