IV and everybody getting hot pants There were six girls and all of them were beautiful. They eventually all appeared in the nude and the show ended.

   All excited and with about $3.00 still in my pocket, I approached the dame of my choice after she had gotten some clothes on. She practically blew me over on my heels when she wanted $25 for an all night date  We finally compromised on $3 for fifteen minutes  The "god dam" whores down here are independent as hell; you have to do what they want or else. But, I being much smarter by this time took her into the woods surrounding the carnival, and we stayed there about two hours Yes sir, I'm learning. What I'm trying to bring out is that at that moment if I had twenty-five dollars on me, the chances are I would have blown it
   The reason I sent Dick Brooke's letter care of you is that I got a letter saying that they were selling the house and I didn't know what the story was.
   It looks like we are going to be in the army longer than a year according to Kiplingers, so I've applied for a transfer to the infantry with hopes of getting into officer training school at the end of six months. However, Koontz wasn't very encouraging. Another letter will follow soon, I hope, if they don't move us out Monday morning.  "Cous"