May 30, 1941 Dear Grandma and Grandpa

   Thanks a lot for the Kiplinger papers and the check. Kiplinger doesn't sound very encouraging, so I guess there is no use kidding myself much longer about being out in a year. I was in to see Luietenant<sic> Koontz, our company commander, the other day about getting a transfer to the infantry, so that at the end of six months, I can try to get in the officers training school. It seems that I can't do that while in the engineers, as a technical degree is required from a University to become an officer.
   Just heard a radio news flash that in the present stage of national emergency all leaves and furloughs are cancelled all over the country. That means that several fellows that didn't go home for Easter and were supposed to go home now are going to lose their furloughs.
   Vinsent Acarvino, the chap that slept next to me was operated on and sent to a hospital in Washington for treatment. I've a chap named Marlin Davis next to me and He's a former M.P. (military police) attached to the engineers, and he asked to be transfered<sic> back. They found a draftee from the engineers to take his place, and one of the jobs I was offered. He's a Kentucky Hillbilly, but a nice chap whom I find very amusing.
   Most of the draftees are getting fed up with our