first sergeant Butler, who, since Captain Dugan left, has taken a great amount of authority upon himself and is abusing his job. He steps all over the new company commander, Koontz, and has been plastering the draftees pretty heavily, leaving the regular soldiers alone. He and I have had several brushes, but he hasn't bothered me too much for the simple reason that I demand to see the C.O if its anything I think is unreasonable, and he's afraid to have too many complaints go to the front office

   Turpin, the nineteen year old sergeant who was broken to private when found asleep on the job, is having a great time now that he has no responsibility. He's got K.P. (Kitchen Police) for a week now, because last week on maneuvres<sic> when we were building a bridge, he pushed about six fellows off the bridge into the water in order to win a bet. The only trouble was that the Luietenant<sic> showed up unexpectedly and poor Turpin got caught.
   I'm afraid to ask, but I've a hunch I may not have any more K.P. or guard duty, as long as I  the rations job. The fellows I had K.P. and guard with last time have had it again without my name appearing. However, I've worked a stretch of thirty straight hours without sleep getting rations. If I keep it, I'll probably have complete charge of the work in a short time, as I do all the paper work now, and the luietenant<sic> asked me if I'd like the job. Good by for now, as I've lots more letters to write this afternoon