[letterhead] WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina

May 31, 1941 Dear Dad How's every little old thing? You had me kind of worried when your Wednesday epistle (where did you ever pick up such high "falutin" words?) didn't arrive until yesterday. I sort of have become in the habit of expecting them. Since the president's emergency message, things have tightened up a great deal around here. All furloughs and three day passes have been cancelled for the present at least. And to top that off, since the blowing up of a munitions warehouse in Georgia, they've doubled all guards around here, meaning that I'll now get guard duty twice as often if my rations job doesn't hold out. They've also put the MPs in jeeps everywhere and they are continually patrolling night and day. All civilian cars in the reservation are now stopped for identification. We are really on a war-like basis now. Latest rumors here is that we are slated for the Philippines or some other place in the Pacific to construct airfields and roads. Probably like all the other rumors, there's nothing to them; although I guess it's pretty definite.