II. that we are pulling out of here sometime in the near future for some unknown destination. Had yesterday off and was attempting to write letters all day I managed to get three off during the entire day, as it's pretty tough to concentrate in the extreme heat. I made a big mistake letting them choose me for the camouflage school, as I've been to one class so far which consisted of pulling mails out of about hundred two by fours. Some of the fellows that didn't go home for Easter and just had their leaves cancelled are pretty desperate, and I expect that a couple of them might now go over the hill, as they talk pretty violently. Shorty Wolfe's dad died about a year ago, and the unveiling of the store comes up next week, when informed that he can't go home for it, he certainly raised a ruckus, and he is the kind of guy that will take off if something isn't done. My gambling now consists of playing two handed pinochle for the same stakes i used to play with you. It seems our third hand, Jimmy Musicato, has become a second cook, and he has to work twenty-four hours and then is off the same, with the resultant each of contact with him. My luck is abut the way of yours was with me, as I clipp Henry steadily for a few cents every time we play. We play a lot too,