III. as we are in the same squad and thus are together continuously while out on maneuvers. We while away the long tedious hours in this way, I generally winning. I don't know whether my luck has changed, or I'm just a better player, but he's reaching the same stage of extreme disgust that I had when playing with you. However, the only difference is that he thinks he's good, and I encourage him with the result that he's always pestering me to play. I guess maybe I've got a sucker on the line (knock on wood!) I'm writing this letter while hanging around for the rations detail to start. It's raining this morning but the rest of the company has gone out to build a pontoon bridge which is certainly a lucky break for me. Horse shoes is becoming a popular sport down here, but there are too many sharp shooters around with the result that I've got an awful lot of packages of cigarettes. There's one draftee here who was Champion at Bates College last year, and he's really good, being able to ring pretty nearly one out of every two shoes he pitches. There been some heavy betting by the draftees on him against a regular