IV. who is equally as good, but so far our guy has managed to win the majority of games. Those one cent stamps arrived and certainly will come in handy, as I can now catch up on everybody. Please send me addresses of anybody that you can think of that I haven't got. My main correspondence besides the family is with [illegible], Bella, and Dick Brooker. Last week, they suddenly lined us up in the middle of the afternoon, and the captain went through the entire company looking at everyone's head. We were all mystified until the reason came to light, which was that some officers wife had been raped while walking through the fort but had managed to scratch her assailant on the head. They caught the guy sure enough, and it turned out to be a kid about eighteen. He's been given ten years in a civilian jail, and when he gets out, he will have to serve time in an army jail and then get his dishonorable discharge. Something always happening, eh? I'll say good bye with love to everyone. Warren PS. Where are Ruth's letters? She used to be pretty faithful.

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