June 1, 1941


Dear Mother

There was a very important question in your last letter that requires [inserted: an] immediate and emphatic answer. It was, "Let me know if I should send you goodies?" The answer is yes, and the more I get, [strikeout] the better I like. It works this way; I think our mail follows us wherever we go, if we are gone more than a couple of days, and all refreshments in the field will taste like nectar from heaven.

Well, it looks like Tierney is going to be a close friend of mine not only in the army but for the rest of my life. We have now reached the stage where we call each other "son's of bitches," etc., which you will grant is a very advanced stage. Although I'm in the first barracks, I spend more of my time in the third, as the only guy I've really got at any use for in my barracks is "Stan" Patterson.

We finished your delicious cake over in the third barracks tonight, and it was highly acclaimed. I had the radio along which we listened to while playing contract bridge aka dollar a point. I won $120 tonight on paper, but I'm booked for about $400. Don't get nervous, it's all in fun to add a little spice to the game.

Last night I went into town, and while I was there, Tierney came over and over the violent protests of the fellows in my barracks took my radio down to his for the evening which was perfectly O.K. with