II. me. When he brought it back today, some of the fellows [illegible] that the radio shouldn't have been moved, as they were listening to it. I told them to take a swift "jump in the lake." There's too many Italian boys in my barracks from Worcester Street in New Haven which is like our North End, and they are trying to run things I'll have no part of them and make it very clear, as they are loud mouths and annoy me no end. A couple of them are really ignorant and strong Mussolini sympathies secretly rooting for Italy and Germany to win the blaming their present predicament on the Jews. One of them got drunk one night and sounded off but was quickly put in his place by some of the nicer Italian boys, one especially, Tony Madonna, from Nantucket or Hull, who hangs around with our crowd. I head a swell time in town last night, the outcome of a spell of loneliness I had which gave me enough nerve to get the pleasant evening. I was in Fayetteville a week ago Saturday, walking around town twiddling my thumbs and wondering what to do with myself. I passed a jewelry store, Lees Jewelry, and looking in I saw that the proprietor and his wife were obviously Jewish, and there was also a pretty girl who looked like their daughter. Being lonesome and kind of desperate for something to do, I walked in and asked to look at some wrist watches. While doing this, I struck up a conversation, and, as they weren't busy, it lasted quite a while. I eventually conferred that I had a watch and was merely trying to