III get acquainted. I asked the young lady who is about twenty if she would care to take in the last show with me, but she had a date. However, the whole episode resulted in my getting an invite to dinner last night at their home. The meal was excellent, the only trouble being that there were too many "what did you say" in the course of our conversation. About ten o'clock, after the store was closed and Poppa" and "Momma" had gone home, the young lady Sarah by name took me out for a ride in her "poppa's" car. We had some ice cream and a very peasant evening, I arriving back in camp about three AM Sunday. The young lady has a boy friend but through her and her people I expect to meet more of the nicer people in town. You have been pestering me for a picture in my uniform, but I'll be darned if I get a chance to take one. It seems that every time I have it on, I am going or coming some place, and when I don't have it on and the fellows are snapping pictures, I'm too lazy to get dressed, but be patient. We wear only Khakis now, having two sets of pants and shirt which are of the cheapest quality cloth imaginable and get dirty quickly and get baggy so soon as you have them on a few minutes.