IV. We have to wear them for a week and they certainly look messy. The laundry also does a tough job. There are a few college men in the company in answer to your question. There's Woodrow Wilson, a Maine boy who graduated U. of Maine last year and had two years R.O.T.C. There's Tom Banning, another Maine boy who graduated Bates about two years ago. There may be one or two more, but that's all I can think of off hand. Am looking through some of your letters and answering some of your questions, as you note. Our company has just one jeep, [illegible] a'la army system, I've been taken off the jeep because of my rations job. I'm just as happy as I was liable to break my neck on the jeep, due to having to take it through impassible places. C.P.X. means Combat Post Expedition; that is the name given to our trips in the field for short maneuvers. My pup is still [illegible], but he is spoiled, as everyone in the company pets and feeds him. That dog has an insatiable appetite, being able to eat continuously without stopping everything and anything. As far as money goes, I am trying to live on about thirty-five dollars a month. After everything is deducted from my twenty-one dollars, I get about fourteen on pay day. I have one more pay after Tuesdays at twenty-one, and then I get the tremendous sum of thirty dollars. It's getting late, so I'll say goodbye for now. Love to all, Warren