June 6, 1941 I Dear Grandma and Grandpa Greetings to you and all the family from a very tired young man that has just come in from a C.P.X. that started Wednesday morning at five o'clock and just finished up. June 7. Was too tired to write, as my eyes lost their motive power and refused to stay open. I woke up this morning to discover I had Kitchen Police, but a lot of men were gigged in todays inspection so that I got off at one o'clock. I then returned to the barracks only to discover that I had been blessed with battalion guard for tomorrow. That means nine hours of guard duty tomorrow, as one other chap and I have to split up eighteen hours between us, starting at twelve noon and was going with about forty fellows to White Lake, even having payed my fare you never can tell in the army; when you draw guard, the only thing that can get you off is if you are sick enough to be sent to the hospital. Battalion guard is slightly easier than division, as I carry a pistol instead of a rifle. We are leaving Monday morning for Mott Lake for one week for combat firing. I think, I'll be able to receive mail and packages there regularly and also send out mail, as the company commander