III With nothing to read and no writing materials with me, I almost went balmy. (You'll have to give credit tonight to any illegibility in my handwriting to the persistent flies who are continuously perching on my naked shoulder, as I sit stripped to the waist writing.) For two days, we sat listening to "Just Plain Bill," etc on the radio which helped my efforts to go crazy. We were in open spot, so they even moved the trucks about two miles to a wooded area which would afford better protection for them. About nine o'clock, Thursday night, orders came to move to a new spot. As usual, my not having to stand guard due to being in a reserve squad, backfired on me, and I was posted at a road intersection to keep traffic from turning off, as there were about three hundred trucks in our outfit. I had to keep my full field pack on my back the entire time I was acting as a guard, and it suddenly started to get cold, but really cold. The lieutenant told me that I would be picked up about twelve, but I actually wasn't picked up until four o'clock in the morning. From nine until twelve, it wasn't too bad, but then my thirty-five pound pack started to get heavy, and I mean heavy. The straps came to live and started taking bits out of