WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina June 17, 1941 I Dear Grandma and Grandpa Received your swell box of goodies, and boy were those "wet-you-wa-call-them" that looked like brownies and tasted better, hit the spot. I practically finished them all last night at five minute intervals. The hard candy disappeared this morning as we went out on a problem, and it wa excellent keeping them rolling around your mouth. Sergeant Fischer told me that I was really going to the dogs, as he thought I had a chaw of tobacco in my mouth, and said he wouldn't be surprised if I didn't take up drinking. You see I'm regarded as a sort of a sissy by some of the officers as I don't chew, don't drink and won't gamble with them. I drink an occasional beer, and they ride the pants off me when they see me, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Had an interesting morning and early afternoon today, as this problem was the first that we were continually on the move. I was runner for our platoon lieutenant, so I got a bird's eye view of the whole situation. When we unloaded from the trucks, a major