II. met us and explained the problem. It seemed that a battalion of the enemy had forced a river crossing at terrific loss of men and had encroached themselves on a hill about six hundred yards to our front. Our own troops were exhausted, so they had brought up our company of engineers who were fresh, and we were ordered to capture the hill. Our platoon and the third advanced in skirmishes line with the second platoon in reserve; we advanced under a ten minute artillery barrage of the hill, flanking both sides, and sending only a small party in front to draw the enemies fire. While this was going on, I was following the lieutenant around, having the heavy duty of keeping glasses focused on our men and telling him how the advance was progressing. Our company moved rapidly into position, and as soon as the barrage lifted, they charged the hill, capturing the enemy battalion in short order. The job was done well, the company being complimented by the liaison major. We then turned back to camp, ate, and here I sit waiting, waiting for the afternoon activities to develop. How ar things at home with the family? Going anywhere this summer? Love to everyone. Warren P.S. Last stamp I have, going on this letter. Can you help me out?