WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Dear Mother Hello again, and how's everything at home. Helping "Stan" Patterson pack for his furlough, as he had his case placed on file at Elizabethtown. Haven't received any mail for three days; guess I was about overdue for a check-mate. Am worried about the stamps you sent me, as I've yet to receive any same old sand, dust, heat, and monotony here. Am eagerly awaiting Cou's arrival and hoping I can get off, as they just instigated a new ruling yesterday that we could not stay out all night any more, but had to be in by one in the morning the latest that ought to please you, but it doesn't make a great amount of difference to me, as I seldom stay out later than one. Am enclosing another picture with all my play toys on which I had taken one of the C.T.X.'s. In the background is a camouflaged truck, the rest is I. Any other requests will be eventually fulfilled, so don't be bashful about asking. Today officially finishes our training period and Paul Tierney just made acting corporal, taking an awful riding as a result. I don't think any of us draftees will go higher than a final class private in our outfit, but you never can tell. You