are all privates and only one sergeant were sent to Panama where they are going to be attached to the air force to build roads and airports. This furlough business is a complicated thing. Some of the boys are going home for seven days, if they have a good reason, but again you never can tell. Two fellows are leaving today to be users at a brother's wedding, while Le Clerc, who sleeps next to me, asked to go home the end of this month to be best man at his brother's wedding and was refused. One chap went home, because he had to marry a girl whom he presented with a baby unbeknownst to himself. He didn't have the money, and we pitched in a quarter a piece to help him out. Think of some good reason for me to come home in August, and it will probably help me get my furlough. Yesterday, we spent the day building an H-10 bridge, which is tough sledding, as it has to be manhandled, put together and raised into place by means of block and tackle and man power. Our lieutenant made mistakes, and we had to do nearly everyone twice, which I assure you was no fun. Today, we have been laying mine fields. which isn't bad, as we had a lazy sergeant in charge who wanted to sleep more than teach and left us to our own devices. Don't every accuse me again of not writing, as I'm doing a good job. Love, Warren