WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina

June 20, 1941 Dear Mother Another day's departed, another day's begun! Starting on the fifth month now with seven more to take afterwards. I have Ruthie Lucky parked in front of me to help the cause along and eight more days before I see "Cops" and Marcia, "knock on wood." Things are picking up slightly; I just got my rations job back which won't be hard to take. The Lieutenant in charge asked for me personally, so I guess I'll hold the job for a while. I was out in the field, practicing laying mine fields, when they pulled me in and told me. I'm starting this letter, while waiting to go to work. Let's get down to old business first. I see from Ruthie's letter that you are wondering what to do with Lucky this summer. If you can't send him to camp with Ruthie, and can't find a place to board him, I guess you will have to take care of him yourself with the aid of one of the neighborhood kids, but please don't get rid of him. I see that Elaine Roberts has had another child; if you will send me her address, I'll drop her a congratulatory card. That package you sent me from Kemp's arrived in good condition. I went to the movies last night and finished the popcorn. This morning, I gook the jar of peanut butter