II to breakfast with me and had a real treat. That's the first peanut butter I've had since I've left home. I'll conserve it and make it last a week or so. The rest of that package will gradually disappear into the yawning chasm of my stomach which is continually being gnawed at by a hungry tape work. The minute I see good food, I can't stop eating. I've been meaning to write Al Wigman, but could never think of his address, besides having so many people to write to. Please send me his address on Ruthann street; you can look it up in the telephone book. Thanks! Send me the exact address of Ruthie at camp, so I can write her there. Did you get the two pictures of myself in uniform. Please had dad send some one cent stamps. I've just discovered the service club of the ninth division. It came about this way; I've cleaned up all the boys around here in ping pong, and someone arranged a match for me at the service club. It's quite a large building about the size of the Roxbury Y.M.H.A. with a with a large veranda in front. As you enter you discover a restaurant on hour left and a set of steps leading to the balcony and library on your right. There is a tremendous clear floor space encircled overhead by the balcony. On the floor, there are divans, settees, etc; all kinds of games as darts, chess, ping pong, etc.