WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina


There is a beautiful baby grand piano and a small straight piano and an orchestra platform. The whole place is finished up a little better than the barracks. There are a senior and junior hostess, the senior one being an old bag who is disliked by most of the soldiers, while the junior is an attractive, intelligent lookin girl with a world of personality; most of the fellows, however, express the wish that she would wear a brazier. I imagine you can understand why I should say she isn't over twenty five; I've danced with her a few times, but there's too much competition around. The place is always jammed, and there's always something doing. I'm going to start browsing around the library, as they have a good variety of books there as for ping pong, you play until you are beaten and then get at the end of the waiting line for another chance to play, which can mean all night. There are tables in the balcony, but the major leaguers play down on the main floor to a large audience. There are two fellows so far that can beat me. Last night, after the movies, I went up to the service club walked into a jam