session that was tremendous; a piano, drum, bass fiddle and trumpet. The four of them all came from top notch name brands, and they really could make their instruments talk The unstinted applause kept them going steadily for a couple of hours to a spell bound audience, which reminds me of one nigh last week. I was sitting in the Service Club last week watching the antics of the crowd around me. A very tall chap walked in with a private uniform on. There was something about his face that arrested my attention. He was a trifle awkward looking and decidedly foreign appearance. I kept my eye on him and watched him as he walked unobtrusively over to the baby grand piano. He seemed to eye the keys lovingly, and as I wasn't sitting more than ten feet from the piano. I could see an odd look come over his face, as he sat down, a look of almost ineffable sadness. Then subtly and gently, the dulcets strains of a piece which I later leaned from talking with him was the "Moonlight Sonata" filled the air. There was a gradual cessation of activity throughout the great hall, until by the time he had finished the piece, everyone had sensed that something unusual had happened, and there was a vast continued silence throughout the hall. There was an ephemeral beauty to b