WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina


the music as he hit the chords with his wonderful touch. Actually, in all my life, I never got quite the startling thrill from music that his playing gave me. It went right to the tip of my toes; maybe it was the unexpectedness, maybe it was his greatness; I still don't know, but it's something I'll remember as long as I live. He then played the "Hungarian Rhapsody" and his own arrangement of Ravel's "Bolero;" after each piece the applause was thunderous. When he finished, everyone gathered around him, but I struck up an acquaintance in the latrine and pumped this information out of him. Born in Vienna, he has been in this country for three years. He's been educated by the greatest of the European teachers, and he studied at Vienna University and the U. of Wisconsin where he was given a scholarship. He was touring the country as a concert pianist when the draft caught up with him, and right now, he's trying to write an opera about the present army life, that he's going to play for me, whenI meet him go into town next week. He tells me that he really enjoyed