the army, and although its hard to believe, he really means it. He is going to start broadcasting on Saturday afternoons from Fayetteville, which be something to hear. This afternoon, I learned a new trade, as I finished rations at twelve and went out with the platoon in the afternoon. We practiced climbing poles, using telephone linemen equipment. That is tough work, and something I want to see very little of. I bashed my shins, cut the palms of my hands, looked ridiculous, and had an all-around bad time. Tonight I'm going to the Service Club Library and try to read some of "For Whom the Bell Tolls," which I can't do in the barracks. Well I'll say goodbye with love to all. Warren

P.S. Stan Patterson get thirty days in the jug on a retrial as he refused finally to pay the fine. I'm holding eighty dollars of his, and am going to Elizabethtown tomorrow to convince him to change his mind.