June 21, 1941 I Dear Mother Emergency letter as I can't get in touch with "cous", as I don't know where he is, and I haven't heard from him since he left. Our company won't be here next weekend, and they won't give me a pass to get off. I'm stuck, and I feel so blue, I'd like to bang my head against the ceiling. Then I remembered that "Cous" generally leaves an itinerary of his whereabouts at the office, and perhaps you could arrange to get in touch with him by telegraph. I'm sending this letter air-mail, hoping it will reach you Monday or Tuesday. There's two solutions if you can get in touch with him. One is tell him that it's useless to arrive here Saturday, as I won't be here, and they won't tell me where I am going. The other is that if you can get in touch with him early in the week, tell him to arrive here Thursday or Friday if he can, and as I am back on rations, I can probably get the day off. Please do your level best to intercept him and perhaps he can arrive here a day or so, early, and I'll be able to see him. Here's hoping for the best! Remember I was telling you about Stanley Patterson. He went to jail, refusing to pay the