II fine. However, yesterday his furlough came through just the same, so I called up the Elizabethtown jail and gave him the information. I spoke to the company commander who got the first sergeant and went to Elizabethtown to get him out. Meanwhile I was holding Stan's $87 for him, which I gave to the Lieutenant to take care of the fine. They got him out, the fine being ten dollars plus nine dollars for cost of court. In other words, for being a public drunk, Stan had to pay nineteen dollars, as the judge, the sheriff, and the prosecutor are all in-laws. Am enclosing the receipt for the fine which "Stan" gave me as a souvenir. He took off for new York last night for a good time. The town of Fayetteville is getting worse and worse. They've just yanked the price up on everything again, charging you nearly double for everything. It now costs $1.50 to get a steak, where it used to be a dollar; beer is raised from 10 cents to 20 cents; everything is exorbitant. I got an article in the editorial column of the Fort Bragg Post which I am enclosing. We are trying to reach high enough authority now through our company commander to have the whole fort ostracize Fayetteville for a week, and then

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