period is up. A bunch of our boys are slated for Louisiana next month, and some are going to Ohio. I've got a silent prayer on my lips that I'm not one of those selected. I've been going up to the Service Club quite a bit lately, and have made quite a few new acquaintances. They are mostly New York boys from the 84th Field Artillery. There are a tremendous number of Jewish boys in this outfit; I've become quite friendly with a few of them. There's one chap in particular who is the only draftee I have met that has made a corporal's rating. He is about thirty two years old and was the youngest professor at Yale University before being drafted. He is now doing personnel work in one of the offices. We have had some brilliant bull sessions with him. They are finding more and more recreation for the soldiers now. They are constructing boxing rings throughout the ninth division; basketball courts are springing up; baseball diamonds are being rolled out; it seems they are trying to keep the soldiers out of disease ridden Fayetteville. I eat very lightly now due to the heat, leaving meat strictly alone, nearly all the time. However, I get plenty of fruit now, but to my rations job, where I help myself to whatever I want. Love to all! Warren

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