afternoon, and he wired me Tuesday that he would arrive Wednesday afternoon or evening. Due to the usual red tape of the army, I didn't receive the wire until Wednesday about two o'clock while on ration detail. They brought it down to me from the orderly room, and upon reading it, I immediately proceeded to the orderly room to see the first sergeant about getting a pass. He was away on a court martial trial, so I parked myself in his office and stayed there until he showed up about four o'clock. I asked for a pass and he told me he would give me Thursday and Friday. After persuasion, he finally gave me Saturday. That meant that I could leave Thursday morning at six AM and had to be back Sunday morning at six AM. They wouldn't let me leave Wednesday night and, although there is no reveille Sunday, they made me return Sunday morning. Sergeant Butler, when I was arguing with him for Sunday, finally offered me a four day furlough which I was smart enough to turn down, as it would then kill any future chances I had for a furlough. I think I'll mail this now and continue in another letter, because maybe I can get it off this morning. Love to everyone. Warren