WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina

June 30, 1941 I Dear Mother Have to write in pencil, as I'm now in the field waiting to eat chow about five in the evening, and I had no place to pack a pen for fear of breaking it. I hope I have a chance to write, as I have an awful lot of mail to catch up on. I'm sitting here in the truck writing, knowing that I won't be able to mail them until Thursday. I write you a quickly this morning, which I gave to Cous to mail in town, when he came over to say good bye. He and Marsha took off about ten o'clock after chewing the fat with me for about fifteen minutes. Marsha gave me a prolonged and shmeary good bye kiss, which was well observed by a number of men in the company with the result that I've been taking an awful riding all day. This maneuver is going to be the real McCoy from all I've heard, we are the attacking party, being the blues; I'll continue this letter from day today keeping you informed as best I can to all that takes place. We've just finished camouflaging the truck and are now killing time until we eat. We'll be here until six tomorrow morning when we begin the attack. Being in B company has its compensation, as we