are the reserve company, doing the mopping up, A and C being in the front line. I'm the same way, being with second squad helps, as we are the reserves to the first and third of the platoon. Something funny just occurred; one of the chaps, [illegible], a noted tightwad, developed that he had six cigars in his mess kit and the boys relieved him of them while he was busy chopping down trees. He just opened his kit to get one and found them missing After accusing a few of the fellows, he complained to the sergeant, and when he showed the sergeant his supposedly empty mess kit, much to his consternation, there reposed the six cigars which the fellows had immediately replaced. He's now digging a latrine for wasting the sergeant's time. Getting back, Cous came in about six o'clock Wednesday night, and as I couldn't take off, I managed to get him a room in the guest house as my guest where he was charged one dollar, fifty cents each for he and Marcia. We also reserved a room for him for Saturday and Sunday nights, as I had to be back six o'clock Sunday morning to turn my pass in. He unpacked for the night, while I returned to the company, and invited Tierney and Fitzgerald along with us for the evening. Due to a little drag with Corporal Bobach, the supply corporal, I had his sample case placed in the supply room overnight to make room for the fellows. The three of us went out that