WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina


night in uniform, first picking up Cous. We went to an open air dine and dance place on the Fort Bragg road called Inn Wood. We entered the place which was like a stockade, only to discover that there was a fifty cent per person cover charge and a single dish ran from a dollar and a quarter up. Just another spot to take advantage of the poor soldiers, and we proceeded to leave. We ate in town at Steve's, where I had a steak dinner, the other chaps eating lighter, as they had supper in camp. Cous refused to go dutch, and paid the check for all of us. Meanwhile he gave me a ten dollar bill from [illegible] and Beck and Uncle Joe, which certainly will come in handy, as I had two dollars in my pocket to last me until pay day. We then took a ride to Page's Lake about fifteen miles from Fayetteville, where all of us managed to squeeze in a couple of dances with Marsha. I don't think Marsha even was or ever will be stared at quite so much in her life as she was that night by both the males and the females whenever we went. She was stunningly dressed, having on high heels and a striking wide brimmed hat, which made her look startlingly different from the common run of southern