WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina


are cute, as they are written in duplicate on a small block after minute discussions by the two principals. They are then placed in envelopes about three times the size of the sheets of paper. About a quarter of a mile from Elizabethtown, we discovered a modern restaurant, evidently catering to tourists on their way south. Here, we had a prolonged meal and then returned to the Lake. There was a dance, but the orchestra was tough and the prices steep, so we wandered around until twelve and then turned in, as he three of us were exhausted. Embarrassing moments recurred for me, when the married couple insisted I sleep on the bed in the same room with them, as the cot wasn't good enough for me on my vacation, and anything I asked for I got. Hey, hey, just been informed that I've K.P. tomorrow, which doesn't hurt in the slightest, as it means no crawling around on my belly. The fellows use their mess kits to eat from, which means only pans to wash, which will be tough with a limited amount of water and the liberal application of sand. Well, getting back, I woke up the following morning six o'clock much to my disgust, and flopped around on the bed until ten, merely to