have the satisfaction of sleeping late. It started to rain then, so we got dressed and had some breakfast. I was hungry and had a North Carolina breakfast of a bacon and egg sandwich, a chicken sandwich, and two bottles of chocolate milk. The kids then went back to the cabin and started cooing, so I went for a walk in the rain. I finally met a chap who owned a speed boat and an aquaplane board, and I was invited over as soon as it cleared up to try it. About two, the sun came out, and we donned bathing suits and back to the beach. I road the aqua board and lazed around with the kids. We ate in the same place and then returning, I spent the evening dancing with Marsha, while Cous, the fond husband looked on. We then had a late snack and hit the hay about one AM. Interruption - the truck I'm sitting in is right near the mess line, and the boys are lined up waiting to be fed. I don't think I'll eat as there is corn bread, beans, and potatoes; a mess that I don't think my stomach will stand after the prolonged vacation it's been on. There's lots of lovely poison oak on the ground around us, so I'm going to try to sleep in the truck tonight. Getting back, Saturday was similar to Friday in that it rained until about two o'clock, and then the sun reappeared. We went swimming and then pulled