WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina


out for Fayetteville about five thirty. We mad the forty-eight miles in about an hour and a quarter; was checked in and then we returned to Fayetteville about nine, where we took in a movie and then ate. A chinese restaurant just opened in town, and we tried it out, finding the food delicious, although slightly different from that served in Boston. We returned to camp about one AM and proceeded to our various beds. I went through the usual camp procedure in the morning and then woke the kids up about ten. They ate in the Service Club, and then I took them around the camp. I showed them the engineering equipment, and then took them through marsh and swamps on foot, much to the disgust of Marsha's shoes, to show them the camouflage areas, and the various types of log tank traps. Poor Marsha, had to leap brooks to get to our destination, but she was game. We then clambered into the car, and drove to an H-10 bridge which we had constructed. They found it all very interesting. After a lunch of three banana splits, we went swimming