at Paige's Lake. This is a lake fed by underground mineral springs which is privately owned and costs a quarter to swim in. Around its shores is [illegible] cultivated grass which makes an excellent spot to lie on fir a sun bath. We ran into four chaps from Boston that I knew from the Field Artillery, and while Cous and I were in swimming, Marsha proceeded over and introduced herself. She was like "manna" from heaven to the fellows, and for the rest of the afternoon, they poured their troubles into her and Cous's attentive ears. We returned to camp, got dressed and ate in the same place as the night before. Then came the parting of the ways! (Intermission until tomorrow.) July 1, 1941 - It's about 10:30 in the morning now, and, by working fast, have just finished up for a while, you will have to pardon the dirt on the paper, as my hands are dirty due to a shortage of water making it necessary for them to stay that way. This K.P. business isn't so hot in the field; we've been working steadily since five thirty this morning. Last night after chow the boys sand a while and then stretched out on the ground or in the truck and went to sleep. We didn't pitch tents, as the enemy was too close, and we wouldn't have had time to repack them, if we had to move out in the hurry. I lay last night betwixt the earth and the sky; fellows