voices murmured quietly around; the overwhelming "cheeps" of the cricket surrounded me; the moon was ablaze encircled by clusters of glowing stars; a tall stately pine enclosed my visage directly ahead; a myriad of grotesquely swaying shadows lay off in the distance to my right and left; I had found a place of peace and eternity to rest my weary head. I was asleep on the tarpaulin in cover stretched across the top of the truck. I awoke this morning after a good nights rest and started to work at four thirty. We served breakfast and then washed the pots and pans and policed up the ground. About seven it started to rain, and the company commander decided at the same time that were in a bad location and should move. They moved us about 250 yards further into the woods and pitched the cook tent due to fear of continuous rain. I'm sitting in the truck now, sweating profusely and trying my best to write, although not having the slightest desire, due to the tremendous heat and seeming inertia that has fallen over me. The men took [illegible] with them when they went out this morning consisting of a jelly sandwich and what they call a corn beef sandwich, which is [illegible]. It seems