that our government has bought six million pounds of beef from South America, and I guess they are going to feed it to us until it's gone. It may be advertised as the finest beef in the world, but personally, it can be horse meat for all the difference I can tell between it and the ordinary run of army hash. I ate no dinner, as I have been "rushing" all morning. Some guy knocked my mess kit out of my hand at breakfast, so I went hungry. However, I fried myself a couple of eggs, found some crackers and peanut butter, opened a can of peaches, and had a dill pickle, so I guess I'm well taken care of for the day. I also had about seven cups of lemonade, which one of the cooks made on the Q.T. for himself and the other cooks, that we K.P.s stole. There was not rebuttal, as they had to squeal on themselves, if they told on us. Just received some good news about the infantry's six hundred men passed out yesterday on the march from the heat. It's a lucky thing we ride on trucks! However, by some fortunate accident or otherwise, the heat hasn't bothered me in the slightest so far. The hotter it gets, the more I sweat, but with absolutely no ill effects. I don't think I'll eat supper tonight either, as my stomach hasn't yet reached its former state of poverty that it had achieved before Cous showed up.