WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina


They are having beef and potatoes for supper, the sight of which turns my stomach over, due more to the heat than the toughness of the meat. About one o'clock, they decided that they needed some water from a stream about a half mile way; they sent me and another K.P. with a hundred pound water jug to be filled. By the time we reached the stream, the empty container felt like it weighed about one thousand pounds. We debated between ourselves and finally reached the decision that we couldn't find the stream, so we carried the empty container back to camp with our sad story. They wanted to send us with a guide, but we refused to go unless they gave us a truck to ride in, even threatening to go to the firs sergeant. The mention of the first sergeant settled the argument. As a punishment, the [illegible] us to peeling onions, which turned out to be a good job, as I ate about six of the with some crackers and salt I stole from the supply truck. I have to make a fire now, and then we'll feed the men; by the time I get through with the pots, it will be eight o'clock, and too late to write further due to our being on standard time. July 2 About six o'clock last night they sent me out in charge of the water detail, to go to