the water purification area to draw our rations of water. We found the place OK, and loaded the water cans. At times, I was so thirsty that I could even drink the purified water with all its nasty tasting chemicals. We started back, got to within a half mile of camp and was stopped by a guard who informed us that the road had been made one way. I had no maps or any knowledge of other routes back to the command post, so we headed back to the purification area, about ten miles distant. It wasn't so tough for me, as I, being in charge of the detail, was riding in front with the driver, but the six poor guys in back were bouncing around between the water cans and having a tough time of it, as we were going as fast as we possibly could over the rough dirt roads. They gave me directions finally, but it meant a long detour, and we finally got back to camp about eight thirty to find every one had weighed anchor. Fortunately they left a guide there for us, and we pulled into the new command post about ten, where, amongst the rubbish, we managed to dig up a bit to eat. I didn't mind the lack of food, as I had been feeding my face most of the days, but the men with me were famished, as they had had scrambled eggs and coffee for breakfast at five, and two sandwiches for lunch. After eating, I climbed on top of the truck again, but couldn't fall asleep, as the insects decided that one night's rest in two was sufficient for