and the road was pretty well jammed up by this time. I was really getting a thickish [illegible] of grey hairs, as I didn't know whether I was doing the right thing. Meanwhile both the enemy and friendly troops were enjoying themselves at my expense, as it gave them a chance to hop out of the trucks and lie down in the woods. Finally about a half an hour ago, word came through that the problem was over, and we were going in. So everyone hopped in their trucks and took off, leaving me here alone waiting to be picked up. Thus I'm writing you with the fervent hope they won't forget about me and leave me here in the broiling sun all day. I don't think you'd recognize me now, as I sit here with a three days growth of beard, a face that hasn't been washed in three days, shirt and pants that are all colors of the rainbow, due to K.P. yesterday, a pair of sun glasses on, a pipe sticking in my mouth. As soon as I finish this letter, I think I'll strip and take a swim in the brook below me. That watch that dad sent me is a "beaut." Back in the barracks, it gets temperamental and will stop all the time, but a good shaking always starts it. Out here in the field, it has kept beautiful time for three days, although being banged around and even dropped in water. It puts to shame the good watches that some of the fellows have, as most of them got clogged up with sand and stopped.