WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina


Right now the company commander is wearing my watch, as his went on the "fritz." The more I see of the infantry, the happier I am that I'm in the engineers. We passed about two miles of them last night, wearily trudging along, too tired even to answer our wise cracks as we rolled by, an unusual event indeed. Altogether, as the story goes, about eight hundred and fifty passed our and had to be taken back to camp in ambulances of which three died. I imagine this occurred from drinking too much water. Back in barracks again, I've bathed, shaved, washed my equipment and am now waiting for chow. Will write only a few more lines as I want to get it out tonight. Am enclosing the order I got when put on guard at the bridge; it's a good souvenir. Am going to eat supper and go to bed. Love to all. I'll be busy writing letters over the fourth, as they refused me a three day pass. Thanks for everything again, and until tomorrow. Warren. P.S. Please see if you can dig up a valid reason for me to come home in August.