WARREN SCHWARTZ Company B. Fifteenth Engineer Battalion Fort Bragg, North Carolina

July 7, 1941 Dear Mother- It's been a rainy weekend for us here which we didn't mind too much, as it didn't interfere with our non existent plans. However, the fellows on three day passes were really slinging the old Cuso around due to their weekend's ruination. The men have just left in company formation for rifle drill, while I've an hour to kill before rations. The whole idea is to keep out of the way of anyone with authority, so that they can't send me out on any specific task. Thus I have various hideaways that I duck into at the right time. In this man's army, you are never wrong until caught, and then the best excuse in the world is to plead ignorance. I'm letting "Al" Fencanti take my suitcase when he leaves on his furlough this week. He lives in Framingham, and I figure it will be good luck to have the suitcase missing when I ask for me furlough. I wish you had told me about Selma's wedding, as that would have been a perfect excuse for me to get a furlough, as I could have