Sept 13, 1944 Darling--I could hug you for hours, you're wonderful! Just received those books you sent sweetheart, humbly, gratefully, thanks. This is the package with Henry Adams, Elbert Hubbard, and Russia Accept a very light husbandly-like kiss and when no one's around I can show you the affection I really feel. Merci. Also received my New York State absentee ballot. The presidential and Senatorial vote were easy. Strictly a Roosevelt man. Then for the Associate Judge Court of Appeals, Marvin Dye. Justice of Supreme Court - Levy, McNally, Miller, Shientag - Surrogate, Henderson; Representative in Congress - Lynch; State Senator - Joseph; Member of assembly, Galloway. Outside of Roosevelt, Truman, Wagner and Lynch the rest are strangers. Was I wrong? Could be? When in God's name are they going to publish