a book with the history and qualification of all candidates for all jobs? Oh well. Back from chow. Ye Gods, that book, that little one entitled "The Lonely Ones" has caused a minor social upheaval in the company. All the officers quote gags from it. I've lent it out, doubt very much whether it'll ever get back to me. Dinner today was made interesting by selections from this book. The vienna sausage, sauerkraut, beans and coffee were deliciously spiced by quips and passages from the book. It has replace all guides to meal time conversations. Very good and there's only one gal around that is that swell - you. You continue to pick 'em. Excellent job done! Today Lt. Brooks, Battalion Intelligence and I & E (Information and education) officer gave a lecture on White man versus the colored (all colors). It was pretty good only too full of morbid conjecture on the downfall of the white race if they do not see their errors. To